#BBMZansi: Nale & Themba’s Spat And What Viewers Are Saying

The Big Brother Mzansi season finale is almost in the corner, and Nale is one of the housemates still standing. And her stans have been hyping her out of this world.

Her fans pointed out how she had rocked two outfits in one light and looked gorgeous in both of them. Some of these fans were so chuffed that they claimed Nale was bigger than the show.

Her critics are just as active, too. Some think she’s self-centred and looks down on other housemates, especially Themba.

Actually, Nale and have sporadically been at loggerheads. As far back as February, Nale had accused Themba about twice of threatening her. The accusation had elicited mixed reactions at the time, with some critics claiming she was being overdramatic.

And while some viewers hope that Nale and would quash their beef, it appears that it hasn’t been quashed just yet.

Some viewers think that Nale’s fight with is nothing but a strategy on her part, the outcome of which nobody knows at the moment.

Nale and are hot in the race to win the R2 million prize at the end of the show, which is currently in its third season.

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