Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Married In Las Vegas

The vehicle is officially at a “permanent” site – Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are formally married. The couple got married over the weekend in Vegas.

The news will especially thrill shippers of the couple’s relationship who have been hoping they take the relationship thing a notch by officially sealing it with a ring.

Information out there at the outset indicated that Ben Affleck wasn’t too keen on a wedding just yet but to take things one step at a time, but JLo wanted to get the whole thing done with. It turned out she triumphed in that regard. They’re now officially husband and wife.

The couple married in Las Vegas two decades after their first engagement. Back in the day, they had gotten engaged and were set for the altar. But the relationship collapsed, and each went on to date different people.

It turned out the love they had for each other was pretty intense. So they linked up again after JLo’s relationship with Alex Rodriguez collapsed allegedly over infidelity on his part. He’d reportedly cheated on her (not physically) with a reality show star.

With her marriage to Ben Affleck, according to a Clark County filing, JLo’s married name is now  Jennifer Affleck.

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