Berita Set To Make Film Debut At International Film Festival

is winning not just in music but in the world of film as well. It has just been announced that the songstress’s short film Unknown Union will premiere at the Africa Rising International Film Festival.

Given the songstress’s belief that music and film belong together, perhaps one shouldn’t be surprised to see her meld the two in her quest for national visibility. In her Unknown Union flick, explores love and its ambiguities.

The Africa Rising International Film Festival begins on 27 November. It will run through 29 November. During that time, other filmmakers are expected to showcase their works s well.

produced her film her Unknown Union in collaboration with the film director Makere Thekiso. She said she is very excited about the prospects of presenting her film at the festival. The film director apparently shares in her excitement.

By the way, has long captured the attention of the listening public with her singing gift. She stands out for several songs as well as her collaborative tune with Afrotainment boss DJ Tira, entitled “Uyandazi.”

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