Bianca Naidoo Starts Cotton Fest Bursary Scheme in Honour of Riky Rick

Riky Rick’s widow Bianca Naidoo starts the Bursary scheme in honour of the late rapper.

One thing that was certain about Riky Rick’s wife, Bianca Naidoo was that she loved her husband. She also supported him from behind the scenes. When he died, she promised to continue his legacy, and she wasn’t mincing words.

Bianca is already at work on it. She has kicked off a new Bursary initiative in her late husband’s honour. Riky Rick was passionate about the youth while he was alive. Many times, he spoke about empowering them. His wife is now continuing that legacy.

According to a report by Zalebs, it is called The Cotton Festival bursary programme. It was created under the Creative programme to provide funding for students wishing to further their studies at AFDA. Naidoo said,

“We are extremely excited to have the privilege to assist young people achieve this huge milestone in their educational journey. When we started Cotton Fest, the idea was not just to have a once off concert, but to do so much more for the culture as a whole, and moreover offer support within the community,”

“Now, with the additional financial injection from PUMA this year, we were finally able to make the Creative Programme a reality and action this support.” She has urged other corporates to also support them.

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