Big Surprise For Ari Lennox As J. Cole Joins Her On Stager Fot Her Final Tour Performance

It was a memorable moment for musician Ari Lennox during her  Age/Sex/Location tour, as her label boss J. Cole popped into the stage on the second night and performed with her.

It was a big surprise and the musician was more than grateful that her boss showed up for her. She would recall that moment in a post on social media much later, thanking her boss and the record label for the honour.

J. Cole was reportedly backstage all through the performance. And then she got to the song “Shea Butter Baby.” When it got close to the hook of the number, J. Cole made a surprise appearance and song along with her.

If Ari Lennox was surprised, the audience was doubly so. The excitement was palpable as concertgoers scrambled to take ill all that was happening before them. J. Cole and Ari shared a hug even as cameras clicked away.

It has been reported that this would be Ari’s last tour. But fans are keen that she should change her mind and continue giving them sterling performances live. Well, until she changes her mind, fans would have to content themselves with previous performances, including the spontaneous one with J. Cole.

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