Big Xhosa Talks Debut Album, Diss Track, A-Reece Tattoo, Breakout Single & More – Watch

He rose to fame on the strength of a diss track he released against several famous names in South African hip hop. Big Xhosa has managed to remain in the consciousness of music lovers ever since.

It’s like one day one more reason to pay attention to him and his works. But there’s more to the young man than the public actually knows. Although he appears to be unpacking his person before the public bit by bit, there is still something new to learn about him each day.

No long ago, the songster, who has an admiration for A-Reece and even made a tattoo of the rapper’s name on his arm, had a volte-face and erased the tattoo of Thre Boy Doing Things, replacing it with that of a mic.

He wasn’t exactly detailed about his reason for this. However, it was clear his fealties are now concentrated on making music and not hero-worshipping.

Big Xhosa, who’d reportedly sporadically had conflicts with rapper and blogger Slikour, joined the Skwatta Kamp member for an interview during which he spilled little know details about himself, from his music career to his breakout single and debut album.

He had so much to say, and you can savor all the details below.

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