Big Zulu Mocks King Monada For His Boxing Skills

SA hip Hop star, Big Zulu mocks King Monada’s boxing skills.

This might just be one of the funniest things we have witnessed this year. It’s good to know some still have a sense of humour in all the chaos happening around us. Big Zulu and King Monada are prepping for a supposed fight that we aren’t even sure is happening.

It all started when the Bolo House star challenged Zulu to a boxing match. Replying, Zulu asked if there was no one else, and then accepted. Lol. The events following the challenge have seen them prepping for the supposed match.

Monada has shared updates from his trainings and they’re about the funniest thing on the internet right now. The “Imali Eningi” star reposted a video of Monada’s hilarious training mocking him. According to him, it would only take him one hand, and one minute to finish him off. Do you agree? Lol.

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