Big Zulu, Riky Rick & Intaba Yase Dubai’s ‘Imali Eningi’ Reaches 1 Million Views In 1 Week

announces that his song “Imali Eningi” featuring and has hit 1 million views in just one week.

Talk about finding the perfect song to collaborate on and it becomes an undeniable hit. That’s the story for Mzansi rappers and Riky Rick. The two hit makers released their first joint collab alongside about a week ago, and it has already amassed over a million views.

Reacting to the new feat, Big shared a screenshot out of gratitude. A post from Riky after the collaboration dropped revealed that they had spent 3 years trying to find the perfect song to collaborate on.

We are honestly grateful that they finally did. has had an amazing year. He’s shown more of his acting talented and bagged an endorsement recognizing his style. What better way to close out the year than with a big hit.

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