Big Zulu Thank Fans For Support As He Takes The Lead On SA Radio Airplay

Mzansi rapper, thanks Mzansi for the support as his new joint tops the SA Radio Airplay this week.

Talk about ending the year well. Since Mzansi rapper and actor, dropped the joint “Mali Eningi” featuring and Intaba Yase Dubai, the song has become a massive success.

Last time we checked, the official video had amassed over 3 million views in 3 weeks and is headed for 4 million. That’s very impressive. The rapper also shared a screenshot of the SA Radio Airplay and revealed that the song is leading on the list. That means he has the most played song on the radio in Mzansi right now.

A recent video shared by Riky Rick, shows the three collaborating artists thanking Mzansi for their support since the song was released. Honestly, that’s very thoughtful of them. It is quite obvious that they would close out the year with one of the biggest songs of the season.

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