Bird To “X” – Elon Musk In Ambitious Twitter Rebranding

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In a move that created so much buzz online, Twitter boss Elon Musk has rebranded the company, changing its original bird logo to X – something many equate to mean the “everything app.” With the move from bird to X comes other features. They just have not been implemented yet.

For instance, Must confirmed that instead of “followers,” people will now have “viewers.” In other words, those who are now “following” you on the app will soon become those “viewing” you.

Also, the pain of the chaotic bookmark will soon end, as bookmarks will soon have a search function. In other words, you can still easily find old bookmarks, so long as you remember some keywords about them. That will be a massive relief to many Twitter users, including yours sincerely, who had brought up the issue in a post mentioning Elon Musk.

Already, there is a plan to share Twitter revenue with users. In fact, this has already been rolled out, with tweaking expected in the coming days.

By the way, the “X” log links to X Corporation, the company that currently houses Twitter. Also if you type, it takes you directly to the Twitter home page. Try it out.