Black Coffee And Alexandra Cane Flirt Online, Sparking Dating Rumours

Black Coffee popped at the top of the trends after a flirty exchange he had with Alexandra Cane, a British model and actress.

Ms Cane had shared a picture – dubbed “hot” by many fans – of herself, stating she was ready for a caffeine overdose. She tagged Black Coffee to it. To the surprise of many fans, the celebrated DJ and producer responded (in Greek) with “Let’s Go!” See the tweet below.

Black Coffee is currently in Southern France, supposedly on a tour. With the recent flirty exchange, some fans are loudly suggesting he is using his time there for “other things” as well. In response, the DJ suggested, jokingly, in a tweet that his compatriots were jealous.

By the way, Black Coffee is finalizing his divorce with actress Enhle Mbali. The pair had wanted to keep the whole thing quiet, but their split and eventual divorce became public anyway.

Black Coffe has apparently moved on. Enhle Mbali? Fans have been asking which man is currently in her life, but the actress is quiet on that at the moment.

Well, what do you think is going on between Black Coffee and Alexandra Cane? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts with the comment section below.

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