Black Coffee and Enhle Celebrate Son Asante’s 5th Birthday In Different Ways

They may have split, but Black Coffee and ex-wife Enhle Mbali wouldn’t let this reality keep them away from celebrating their son, who just turned 5. Each celebrated him differently.

Based on the images shared on Instagram, it is apparent the son, Asante, is with his father Black Coffee.

In a clip shared on Instagram, Black Coffee celebrated him as the life of their little parties and the smile keeper of the family. He describes his as a king whose greatness the world eagerly awaits. He ended up saying he loves him to the moon and back.

On her part, Enhle Mbali merely posted a picture of herself clutching her song when he was much younger – probably a week after his birth. Based on her caption, the child probably would have died during childbirth, but he survived. But “miracles happen.” She wished him a happy birthday and concluded by saying God is truly with him.

by the way, rumours of Black Coffee and Enhle splitting have circulated for years, but ut wasn’t until recently that they confirmed their separation – alleged due to unfaithfulness on Black Coffee’s part.

Cheers to your new age, kid. In the coming years, you just might become another music maestro. Who knows?

Well, in the comment section below, you are all welcome to share your thoughts with the kid. Come on.

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