Black Coffee On A Mission To Raise Funds For Small Businesses

is set to help raise funds for small businesses, who are feeling the negative effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

The award winning and Producer has been on a mission of helping raise funds to assist the vulnerable and cushioning the effect of the pandemic on the Country’s economy. He did this with his virtual concerts which he held few weeks ago and at the end he was able to raise well over 200,000 rands for the cause.

Now he is set to partner up with SaveAbusiness, a non-profit Organisation to help small businesses with financial aids and support during the lockdown. He said his live stream holding on Saturday 18th of April 2020 will feature donations for the cause and well meaning South Africans should do well in making donations.

As seen on his twitter page;

It’s a strange time for us all, but our favorite local businesses may be taking the largest hit. With uncertainty and indefinite closures, the mom & pop shops need our help #WeAreOne

The virus pandemic led to a lockdown of the Country, which is affecting  income of small businesses.

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