Black Coffee Reacts To Criticism Of His New Album

Renowned Mzansi , reacts to the criticism on his recently released album “Subconsciously”.

Mzansi , dropped his new album “Subconsciously” over the weekend, and it has gotten a lot of feedback from fans all over the world. However, in Mzansi, a lot of his fans miss the Deep sound his music used to be known for.

He’s been accused of catering to his International audience on the album, more than his fans in the country. You might have noticed that he features a lot of international DJs and artists on the new album. In a recent interview with , the “Lalala” hit maker opened up about it.

He revealed that he hasn’t abandoned the Deep sound he is known for, but also has an international audience to cater for. He also revealed that the sound of the project is not entirely up to him because he also has people he works with internationally.

“I have people I work with internationally when we meet up we sit down and discuss how we are going to do the album. This is the first album that allowed me to work with international artists to this extent.” – Black Coffee

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