Black Coffee Records 100 Million+ Streams on “Subconsciously” Prior To Full Release

Streaming stats are among the determinants of an artiste’s appeal and impact. South African disc jockey and producer Black Coffee appears to be way up there with the recent revelation that his “Subconsciously” album has already been streamed over 100 million times before its full release.

The body of work, which features several international guests, is expected in February this year. But Black Coffee has already released a couple of numbers from the compilation. And they are winners.

Black Coffee announced the 100 million plus milestone on his Twitter account while affirming the date for the release of the album: 5 February 2020.

The stats for the yet to be released body of work should surprise no one who has followed the celebrated DJ’s career trajectory. Black Coffee is probably the most visible disc jockey of South African provenance in the world right now, with a sterling network encapsulating some of the finest names in global pop, from Drake to Jay-Z

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