Black Coffee Reflects On The Day His Left Arm Got Paralysed

Celebrated South African disc jockey and producer Black Coffee has just given insight into how his arm got paralysed. That arm has been a subject of great curiosity for as long as we can remember, And although many people focused on it, the songster himself would rather focus on his music and the life he would love to live.

Despite the paralysis, Black Coffee has managed to stick it out in life, ultimately emerging as one of the most recognised disc jockeys from South Africa. Of course, that has not buried the curiosity about his paralysed arm. For those who have no clue how it came about, the songster has given a little insight once again.

During his intensely anticipated Podcast and Chill appearance with Sol Phenduka and MacG, he had given great insight into the accident that changed the course of his life forever, noting how a car popped out of nowhere, headlights switched off, and rammed into the crowd, altering the course of his life forever.

He sought every means possible to reverse the damage to his hand, and at some point, he even thought of amputation. Ultimately, he decided to go ahead without amputating it.

Such is life.

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