Black Coffee To Pay Off Millions Of Unpaid Tax By Selling Off Properties

Black Coffee to sell off properties to pay off millions of unpaid tax

Black Coffee set to sell off properties to pay off millions of unpaid taxes.

He may have jetted off to an undisclosed location but the problems seem to be trailing Mzansi DJ, Black Coffee. Last week, intimate details of his divorce were made public and his ex-wife, Enhle Mbali was blasted by the public for asking for millions in settlement.

It seems Coffee’s problems are way more than that because recent reports prove that he’s got SARS on his neck for owing up to R40 million in unpaid tax. Well, that’s what we heard. According to a report by City Press, the “SBCNCSLY” hit maker is being taken to court by the South African Services (SARS).

Also, due to his current financial state, he’s negotiated to pay just R8 million. We hear he would have to sell off some properties to do that. Hopefully, he gets out of all that and focuses on the music.

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