Black Twitter Defends Nadia Nakai Amid Criticisms of Her Relationship with AKA

Known for its savage sallies against celebrities, Black Twitter had many peeps smiling after defending rapper Nadia Nakai for dating Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. 

The two started dating last year but have only just made their relationship official. And while some social media users are happy for the couple, some have criticised Nadia Nakai for dating AKA. 

Actually, the criticisms of her relationship with AKA didn’t start today. However, when a Twitter user with the handle @haemusic_ insinuated that Nadia Nakai had pivoted from a promising brand to just AKA’s girlfriend, Black Twitter erupted in her defence. 

One of Nadia Nakai’s defenders noted that she has been through a lot and should be left alone. Another wondered why AKA’s haters had transferred their hate to her because she’s now dating him. 

And yet another noted that the “Yass Bitch” rapper deserves all the happiness she can get, and if she’s happy with AKA, then so be it. 

The only person who has not commented about the whole controversy is Nadia Nakai herself. She’s having a good time in her relationship, and that’s what counts for her. 

Before she started dating AKA, Nadia Nakai had dated the American singer Vic Mensa and been interviewed by AKA on The Braai Show.

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