Black Twitter President Chris Excel Under Fire For Mocking Black Coffee’s Injured Arm

It is not beyond controversial Twitter user Chris Excel to mock people online for no reason whatsoever. So when he decided to mock the disability of a celebrated South African musician, many South Africans were not surprised. Some even took the trouble to reprimand him.

But how did the whole issue come about?

A Twitter user with the name Terror Alarm shared several illustrations depicting the various genders. In response to the tweet, Chris Excel shared one of the illustrations with its arm in pink alongside a picture of Black Coffee.

There was no comment on the post. But the message was clear enough to those who saw it: He was making a mockery of Black Coffee’s injured arm. The celebrated South African disc jockey and producer had been injured in his left arm when a car rammed through a crowd he was part of back in 1993.

It was the eve of Nelson Mandela’s release, and South Africans were excited and clustered in groups to celebrate. He was part of one of those groups when the accident happened. Despite that, he managed to work his way to the top of his career as a musician.

And here is Chris Excel mocking his disability. South Africans are not having it.

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