Black Twitter Still After Oscar Mbo After His Exit From The App

House Music producer Oscar Mbo may have deactivated his account, but Mzansi black Twitter isn’t going to allow him just chill later he was publicly accused of scamming on the platform.

A music promoter had claimed on that oscar Mbo had collected money for a gig but failed to perform as agreed upon – and also refused to refund the payment made.

Although his manager tried to deny it at the time, the music promoter had shown receipts of the payment. Following that claim, other promoters who had allegedly suffered similar treatment in the hands of Oscar Mbo started sharing similar stories.

Oscar Mbo was dragged on so much that he deleted his account. He also refunded the payment made to the music promoter mentioned at the outset.

Soon after the scamming debacle, the songster had announced on his page that he’s be releasing an EP titled “My Story.”

He did release that extended play but failed to address the scam allegations against him.

Controversial figure Chris Excel is leading the charge against Oscar Mbo. He also noted that tweeters could camp on the Twitter-fugitive’s Instagram, which is still active.

By the way, some celebs have left because they think it is a toxic space and not for bilking the public.

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