Blaq Diamond Tops MTV Base Hottest MCs New Wave List For 2021

South African boy band Blaq Diamond has been listed No. 1 in the list of Mtv Base South Africa’s hottest MCs for 2021.

The likes of Touchline, 25k, De Koala Tumi Tladi and Indigo Stella also made the list. You can check out the complete list below.

MTV Hottest New Wave List 2021

10. Benny Chill

9. Hanna

8. Tumi Tladi

7. Maglera Doe Boy

6. Indingo Stella

5. 25K

4. Dee Koala

3. Lucas Raps

2. Touchline

1. Blaq Diamond

Blaq Diamond Tops Mtv Base Hottest Mcs New Wave List For 2021 2Blaq Diamond Tops Mtv Base Hottest Mcs New Wave List For 2021 3

When it released the list, MTV Base South Africa had noted that Blaq Diamond is now representing the new school of hip hp. From the responses to MTV’s post, it was clear mos of their fans agree with them putting Blaq Diamond at the top of the list.

By the way, Blaq Diamond trended on South Africa Twitter following the news that the group made the Hottest MCs list this year.

It isn’t surprising the group should top the list, however. Blaq Diamond has been pretty consistent with the hits, thrilling fans to songs like “Ibhanoyi,” “Summer Yo Muthi,” and “Woza My Love.”

What do you think of the list? Do you endorse it or you would have drawn up something altogether different? You might what to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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