Blaq Diamond Vs. Ambitiouz Entertainment: Band To Wait Till 30 October For Verdict

The battle for freedom continues for South African boy band Blaq Diamond. The group has been at war with Ambitiouz Entertainment, the record label to which they were previously signed, for a while.

Previously both label and band had an amicable relationship but the boys thought their days at the record label were over and wanted out. But the record label insisted that was not the case and that they were still a part of it; and only they, the record label, can determine when the boys are leaving.

Miffed by this verdict, the boys left anyway and made it clear they were not part of the label anymore. But Ambitiouz contradicts that and has been fighting to take down their new music from streaming platforms

The band itself is fighting back. It recently approached the courts to stop Ambitiouz Entertainment from removing their music from YouTube. The removal of music would translate to a loss of income, hence the appeal.

The court interdict to stop Ambitiouz Entertainment from removing their music from YouTube was pushed from 15 August to 30 October. Only on that date would the boy band possibly see YouTube playing its music again. Of course, Mzansi is watching.