Blood & Water Season 2 Returns September 24th – See Trailer

September 24 is just a month away, and it is cause for excitement for followers of the South Africa movie series Blood & Water. The second season of the soaraway flick premieres then.

Netflix, which will be airing the flick, announced this much in a recent tweet.

The responses to the announcement by the movie behemoth indicate, among others, that some followers had actually forgotten they’ve not gotten farther than season one, and that they can’t wait to find out the “truth” the first season of the show failed to reveal.

Natasha Thahane, a member of the cast, was so excited she shared the cover art of the imminent movie, letting her fans know when to expect it.

Another celeb that’s excited about the second season is local comedian Lasizwe.  In a tweet, he claimed to have just seen the trailer of the second season of the intensely-anticipated flick, admitting he is excited. You can check out his tweet below.

Blood & Water tells the tale of a Cape Town teen on a mission to find out whether the teen she met at a party was her sister who was kidnapped at birth. You can check out the teaser below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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