Boity Finally Fires Bobby, And Some Fans Aren’t Happy

Some Boity Fans Aren't Happy That She Fired Bobby

Boity finally fires her assistant, Bobby and some of her fans aren’t happy about it.

If you’re a fan of Mzansi rapper and TV personality, Boity Thulo, then you know all about her equally popular assistant, Bobby. Well, the thing is, he isn’t that much loved by a lot of Boity’s fans.

Many consider him to not be very useful to the TV personality and also not have any work ethic. From what we hear, Boity has finally gotten around to letting him go, after complaining so much about him on her show. A follower recently tweeted at her, asking if he is still working for her to which she replied that she had fired him.

Fans of the rapper celebrated the news in her comments section with many stating that she had kept him around for too long. However, some of her fans weren’t too happy about the decision and they called her out for it.

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