Boity Launches New Hair Care Range

Boity announces launch of her new hair care range.

Mzansi star, Boity is out to win it all as she launches a new hair care range. The “Wuz Dat” star has proven that she can do it all, rising in the media, in music, in reality TV, and also doing the most as a business woman.

Not too long ago, she launched her perfume line, Pink Sapphire Eau de Parfum. That was a huge one. Now she’s expanding into hair care for African women. The “Own Your Throne” star has teamed up with Halo Heritage to create a luxurious range of haircare products. The new products are specially formulated for women with types 3 & 4 hairs.

According to Boity, it has been a lifelong dream of hers to create a range of haircare products and fragrances which really represent African women. The brand new products are free of paraben and sulphate, and also aren’t harsh to the hair. They are locally produced and include shampoo, conditioner, serum, gel and hair perfume.

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