Boity tells Euphonik – “You’re being a vile asshole”

SA star, calls music , out for “being a vile asshole”.

As we know, music DJs and radio hosts, and Fresh are involved in an ongoing rape case. This came to light a couple of weeks back. New updates reveal that due to a lack of sufficient evidence, the National Prosecuting Authority has decided to dismiss the case.

The decision not to prosecute has since become a trending topic all over social media. The involved DJs have also taken to the platform to share several reactions.

a.k.a Euphonik recently shared a meme of a detective with a magnifying. The meme also contained laughing emojis. The post has been interpreted as him making fun of the alleged victim.

This did not sit well with many who called him out on the platform. SA star, blasted the House DJ telling him to either “confess or let your lawyers handles this”.

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