Boity Thulo Explains Why She Hasn’t Released a New Music in a While

Boity Thulo explains why she has been absent from the music scene.

South African rapper, businessmen and television personality, Boity Thulo, is ready to fill us up with loads of surprises. She is more than ready!

The reality TV star has stated that she has a lot of music that is yet to be released because she has not been able to release any of them.

Fans of Boity Thulo have been eagerly waiting for their favourite star to drop a song. Last year, the rapper made us thrilled with the release of the hit songs, Wuz Dat and Bakae. The rapper also featured in Yanga’s Utatakho remix, which was one of the hottest tracks in 2019.

We’ve gone past a month in the year 2020 and we are still anticipating a song release from Boity Thulo.

However, the reality TV star has come out to explain that the cause of her absence from the music scene is because of record label issues.

Boity said while speaking on Own Your Throne launch;

People are assuming that I am just laid-back and not wanting to release new music. I have so much music. I have been ready for the past six months.

Boity Thulo further said that she is still patient even though things are out of her control.

She said:

Things are taking long, but, you know, everything will be fine eventually and you will get all the music that is ready. It is awesome. I think you guys are going to love it.

The talented rapper also explained in the interview that what is causing the delay in the release of her latest piece is because of label record issues.

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