Boity Thulo Will Only Cook Tripe For Her Husband

Boity Thulo says she will cook tripe for no other man but her husband

reveals won’t cook tripe for any other man but her husband.

Don’t you just love for owning her throne and always making the rules. She’s the type of gal many men drool over and dream of having. It seems she’s already making rules to only accommodate the man who ends up tying the knot with her. Cool right?

Well, whoever that man is, he’s in luck. The popular celeb and star of her own reality show must be doing a lot of cooking during the lockdown because she just showcased some of her perfectly finished work.

Taking to her account, she revealed that she will only cook tripe for her husband. She followed it up with a photo of some chicken she cooked up herself.

We surely wonder what man would end up with the honour of having Boity cook up some tripe. We definitely want to see who.

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