Bonang Matheba Rebukes A Man Interested In Her Womb

Mzansi star, Matheba has rebuked a man who showed interest in her womb.

When you’re Matheba, everyone wants to know what’s up with you. They might be genuinely concerned, but sometimes, it is definitely too much to bear. The Queen B recently rebuked a man who wanted to know when she would get pregnant.

It all began when Matheba congratulated her friend and TV personality, on the birth of her baby girl who she penned the sweetest message to. She wished her well and shared that she had had an amazing year. Reacting to her comment, a man revealed that he couldn’t wait for her to ‘get pregnant and be a mommy’.

Obviously not having it, she rebuked the man and told him to stay away from her womb. It is clear that she’s tired of people asking her when she will have her own children.

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