Bonang Matheba Shares Release Date For Episode 2 of B*Dazzled 2.0

Something new is coming to your screens courtesy of no other than Bonang Matheba. In a recent update, the entrepreneur had informed her fans and followers that Episode 2 of B*Dazzled 2.0  will e out on YouTube. So those who want to follow that aspect of her life can do that with ease.

B*Dazzled partially references the reality star’s name Bonang and brings to fans the glamorous and goofy parts of her life. A second episode of the show had been expected for a while now. For some reason – which she explained during a sit-down on YFM – it was delayed.

The delay is about to come to an end, as Bonang has just given a definite date when fans should expect it. According to her, the release will be on Friday, April 28, 2023. The announcement provoked great excitement among her fans, who apparently can’t wait to watch the second episode.

While the first episode was mostly well-received, there were those who had complained that it was too short. Bonang has responded on Twitter back then noting that she felt the same way and indicating the length might be extended in the next episode. It will be interesting if the intensely anticipated second episode will factor that in.

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