Bonang Stunned By R100k Bamboo 1947 Bag Gucci Gift Brong Gucci, Mzansi Reacts (Photos)

“I gasped!!” That was the verdict of South African entrepreneur and socialite Bonang Matheba on receiving a gift of a Gucci bag from the luxury brand. She shared the picture of the bag on her Twitter account while also revealing the handwritten note from the brand.

If she was surprised by the gift, her fans were more surprised and gasped in the comment section of her post with her, As far as some of them are concerned, the gift of the bag is a sign of how influential she is in South Africa. Gucci never gives such to ordinary folk.

The said bad has a market value of R100k, which is ten per cent of a million – not bad by South African standards. It’s about the same cost as one of the offerings from Rolex. You can check out the pictures below.

It is not exactly clear why the brand gifted her the bag. But more likely than not, she must have been a good client. And now, it is her time to be rewarded by a brand she had shown loyalty to.

Well, as the saying goes, congratulations are in order for Bonang Matheba, bos of House of BNG.

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