Bow Wow Confirms That He Will be Retiring From Music

American rapper, Bow Wow, has a great career that originated from the Death Row era. The talented rapper has worked alongside JD, being a part of the Cash Money team and worked as a host on 106 & Park. He also played a leading role in the widely-acclaimed movie, ‘Like Mike.’

However, all these accomplishments will be coming to an end and also his fast-rising career in the hip hop industry.

When a fan asked the talented rapper if he still considers retiring from music after his next project, Bow Wow confirmed that he will be.

Bow Wow’s decision does not stem from the fact that he wants to stop making music. It is because he wants to focus more on the life of his daughter, especially now that he wants to switch towards television and film.

Bow Wow proclaimed on his Instagram page:

Fuck yes! I have to get shai ready she wants to follow in my footsteps so i have to shift my hustle. She next up! We are going to own tv and film. Daddy daughter dup like no other.

Luckily, Bow Wow will retire after the release of his upcoming album. This could his soon-to-be-released collaboration with American singer, Omarion.

The two notable artists were scheduled to hit the road on the Millenium Tour. However, the coronavirus pandemic has caused this, as well as other live music events, to be postponed until a later date. Bow Wow, however, revealed that he will be releasing this joint project this year.

The ‘Let Me Hold You’ hitmaker replied to a fan:

Me and O have been recording…might drop it soon not sure. I gotta callem today.

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