Brian Mokoena On Arthur Mafokate’s R53.3 Million Lottery Fund Scandal

It appears like it is one day, one twist in the fraud case against kwaito musicians Arthur Mafokate, who stands accused of using funds from the National Lottery Commission (NLC) for personal ends and not for community initiatives they were meant for.

In a new twist to the NLC drama, Brian Mokoena, a one-time associate of the 999 Records boss, claimed that the musician had not only fraudulently received the sum of R9.5 million of which he is accused but that everyone is aware of it as well.

He also claimed that Mafokate is not a good person and that he has enough damaging files on the kwaito musician to send him to the slammer for a long time. He claimed to be the one who had spilt the beans on Mafokate, prompting the investigation into the misappropriation of lottery funds.

According to Mokoena, he is now being threatened after admitting he was the one who exposed Mafokate. Now, according to him, he fears for his life.

Last we checked, Mafokate, who once had a chummy relationship with Mokoena, has not said anything about his former business partner’s claims.

It’s unclear where the case will lead to even as the Hawks dig heavily into the heist,

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