BTS’ Jimin Our Blues OST: Interesting Spoiler From Ha Sung Woon

In the middle of last year, Ha Sung Woon had noted that he was open to a collaboration with BTS’ Jimin. He didn’t have to wait long as the two of them started working on something a month later. 

The result of the coming together, “OST,” will be used in the K-drama Our Blues. The jam was to have been released earlier, but the release date was changed for reasons that are still unclear.

But then fans aren’t exactly complaining. In fact, expectations have reached a fever pitch after Ha Sung Woon shared some spoilers about the imminent song. He noted the song was what he’d told fans he was excited about from last year. 

He also revealed that the song is deeply emotional. On that score, perhaps, fans would have a semblance of a bond with the number on release. 

But that’s not all. There’s also a behind the scenes story to the creation of the song, according to Ha Sung Woon. At the moment, however, he’s unwilling to share the details. 

Anyway, excitement is still building over Jimin and his pal’s collaborative bop for the K-drama universe. And at this rate, it’s safe to say the excitement will continue after the song’s release.

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