Burna Boy Reacts As Gigi Lamayne Affirms Her Love For Him

It has been said that love is a beautiful game and it only takes one who has loved or is in love to experience how it feels. Well, South African rapper Gigi Lamayne is a woman seriously in love with Nigerian singer Burna Boy.

Apparently, she has been smitten by the “African Giant” for a long time but has only just made her thoughts known in a recent tweet. Two days ago, on January 28, she had tweeted that she is so in love with the Nigerian singer but he may never know.

Well, it appears like the days of Burna Boy not knowing are over as she mentioned (tagged) the songster in her tweet and even media houses have picked it up and created stories around the tweet. So, if Burna Boy is interested, it is just a matter of time before he reaches out to her and they have something – or whatever.

One fan encouraged Gigi Lamayne to keep trying but warned her that Steflon Don, the singer’s former girlfriend, couldn’t keep him. His point is that, even though Gigi Lamayne might end up having Burna Boy, She might be unable to keep him. You can check out the tweet below.

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