Busiswa Jokes About Her Weight Loss, Mzansi Laughs With Her (Photos)

South African singer Busiswa has dropped some pounds and her compatriots are stunned at her sudden transformation. The “SBWL” crooner has moved from thick to “slim,” and her compatriots are curious.

In a post on her official Instagram page, she had joked about her weight loss, noting in the caption to the slides, “If you ask me one more time for weight loss tips,” followed by goofy emojis. The joke wasn’t lost on her fans, who returned similar emojis in the comment section. You can check out the post below.

Weight loss is one topic that has been around for as long as one can remember, with divergent opinions on whether to lose or not to lose weight. With her sudden weight loss, though, Busiswa has indicated that she is cool with tossing away the pounds after all.

Her decision to lose weight is especially interesting because she wasn’t obese. She was just “thick” – a figure most people consider seriously appealing. Well, it was her decision to make and she has just made it. And she appears happier for it.

Busiswa is one of a couple of South African celebs who have lost weight for one reason or the other.

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