Caiphus Semenya Denies Asking For Royalties From AKA’s Music

Caiphus Semenya has denied asking for royalties from AKA’s latest album after the late rapper sampled his songs.

A recent article by Sunday World claims popular Jazz artist Caiphus Semenya is demanding 50 percent from two jingles sampled on AKA’s new album “Mass Country.” Speaking out in a recent interview on Nkululeko n Cultr Podcast, he denied the claims and revealed that it was the job of his music publishers.

“I established Semenya Music when I was 32 years old John Levy helped me to put my publishing together. Since then, I have never, not once, negotiated a songThe publisher does that; that’s their job,”

He also stated that no song could buy AKA’s life back. “He says (SundayWorld Journalist) I knocked on AKA’s grave, I’m not like that, when someone is mourning, you sympathize with them. And the way this boy (AKA) died is painful to me, and there is no song that’s worth his life. 50%? What’s 50%? Of what? And he didn’t know what song it is. Does he know which song it is?”

Watch the interview below.

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