Cardi B Given New SA Names Ahead Of Her Visit In June!

Cardi B gets new SA names ahead of her visit

Cardi B get new SA names ahead of her scheduled visit in June.

Cardi B is coming and Mzansi is preparing to have her. Imagine watching her live as she thrills the audience with her incredible performances and lovable personality.

Cardi has been drawn to Africa recently and we surely do love her. The rapper has now made it a habit of learning new cultures and embracing new names. It seems our culture and dance aren’t all we’re happy to share with her because we’d like her to have new Mzansi names too.

Since the Grammy-winning rapper announced that she will be coming in June to perform as the Castle Lite Unlocks 10th Anniversary headliner, black Twitter has already begun giving her new SA names. Some users suggested she leave Chioma B for Buhle, Nomcebo, and many more names. According to reports, reports of her coming crashed a tickets website in seconds. That’s how much SA loves Cardi.

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