Carpomore Recalls The Moment His Best Friend Cassper Nyovest Saved His Life

Nothing beats the beauty of selfless friendship, as we see manifest again and again. Carpomore has experienced this beauty in his friendship with Cassper Nyovest, and he couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Carpomore and Cassper Nyovest share a deep friendship dating back about 20 years. It all started in their hometown in Mafikeng. Carpomore had just lost his parents and was facing severe depression. Looking back, all that appears to be past tense.

Speaking during his appearance on Popcorn and Cheese, the media personality gave some insights into his younger years and how he met and became friends with the Family Tree rapper. He even recalled a point when he was actually dying and needed money for surgery.

While he didn’t give details of what exactly ailed him at the time, he recalled that blood was everywhere but Cassper showed up for him and took him to the hospital in his car. Carpomore was told he didn’t have insurance but Cassper intervened, insisting he doesn’t care how much his friend’s treatment would cost; he would pay.

And he did, forking over R130k for the treatment. Today, Carpomore is alive to tell the story – a testament to the beauty of friendship.

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