Cassper Compares His Stage Presence To Michael Jackson’s

compares his stage presence to that of Michael Jackson.

Everyone knows that Mzansi rapper, is the people’s man. The talented Hip Hop star has been pulling off sold out concerts all over the country, and they have all been huge successes to date.

A recent clip of the late king of pop, Michael Jackson performing at the first every Superbowl Halftime show has been making rounds online. The clip shows MJ standing stiff on stage without doing a thing while the people screamed for him. Some even fainted.

The user who posted it asked for an SA artist who can pull it off. Trust Mufasa to nominate himself. According to him, he’s done it a couple of times and it’s worked out pretty well. He revealed that he did it through out 2016 to see of he was a star outside the hits. Apparently, it worked out.

I did this throughout 2016. I wanted to see how big I was and if I was a star outside of the hits. Worked everytime,” – Cassper

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