Cassper Nyovest Calls African Leaders Thieves

SA star, blasts African leaders and says “We will remember you as thieves”.

The COVID-19 pandemic left the world in a scary state, but now, everything is slowly coming back to the way they were. This is all thanks to the vaccine. However, a recent report shows that several African countries have not vaccinated their citizens as they should to protect them from further spread of the virus.

Reacting to this, Mzansi rapper and Piano star, blasted African leaders saying that the people will remember them as thieves. According to him, the pandemic was an opportunity for them to fix their legacies, but instead, they saw it as an opportunity to steal more.

He further accused them of stealing livelihoods and people’s health, which would lead to more people dying. Cassper’s words were supported by a majority of his fans.

African leaders have failed their people. This was an opportunity to fix your legacy but you saw an opportunity to steal more. We will remember you as thieves. Stealing livelihoods, stealing people’s health which ultimately lead to more people dying when they could’ve lived,” 

– Cassper Nyovest

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