Cassper Nyovest Calls Off Boxing Match With Slik Talk

Family Tree rapper Cassper Nyovest has canceled his boxing match with Slik Talking, dismissing the controversial YouTuber as unserious for a fight.

Cass had challenged Slik Talk to a boxing match after taking offense at the YouTuber’s stance that The Braai Show, which Cass is currently hosting, is a big failure and that Billiato, the drink Cass is set to launch in December, tastes like urine.

An angry Cass had challenged Slik Talk to a three-round fight. To ensure that Slik gave no excuses, he dangled R100k before Slik, stating the YouTuber will get the money from him after three rounds.

Slik accepted the fight initially, but then he’d picked culture critic Nota Baloyi as his representative. With Cass objecting to Nota coming into the show, Slik had “fired” Nota and bid him go back to Kwesta, his former associate at RapLyf, a record label.

Slik had also accused Cassper of changing the rules of their engagement. Cass had clarified that the rules remained the same, but Slik was trying to avoid the fight.

With Slik out of the picture, the fight canceled, the statistics of Cassper Nyovest’s failed fights have just increased. He’d previously wanted to fight AKA, Prince Kaybee, and DJ Speedsta. Nothing happened.

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