Cassper Nyovest Responds To Trolls Saying Him and AKA are Boring

Cassper responds to a critic calling him and AKA boring.

While the Twitter scene has been in frenzy over the feud between popular rappers, Cassper Nyovest and AKA, some Twitter users have expressed their boredom over the rapper’s long-time ‘beef.’ They have accused the award-winning rappers of planning the drama just to gain attention on social media. Others even accused them of being childish.

A Twitter user complained:

We would appreciate it if AKA and Cassper can exchange numbers and text each other than bringing their boring beef to social media.

Another Twitter user wrote that they:

…miss the attention since the hip hop wave died down, wouldn’t be a surprise if all this is orchestrated.

The ‘Good For That’ rapper did not take such comments lightly. He took to Twitter to talk about the feud and explained that it was not his fault. He accused the ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker of making swears that were targeted at his family.

Cassper Nyovest said that although he was not innocent of the long-time feud with AKA, he knows that there are lines that are not meant to be crossed when involved in rivalry- and that’s when it involves one’s parents.

Cassper Nyovest wrote:

Someone swears at my parents and its like “AKA and Cassper are boring” I’m not innocent at all in this thing but I have never disrespected anybody’s parents or family so miss me with that cause I just wasn’t raised like that. There’s a line that you don’t!! Even with enemies.

AKA has further angered the ‘Doc Shebeleza’ rapper when he called his father a deadbeat and said ‘f*ck his mother and father.

The beef between Cassper Nyovest and AKA will be one that will forever be remembered as we are still wondering what made them despise each other so much.

AKA had taken to Twitter to reveal a message Cassper sent to his DM and he pestered him to sign the boxing contract. He even went as far as dragging Cassper’s parents into the issue.

Cassper had earlier revealed that the worst part of their feud was the fact that AKA insulted his mother. Now, AKA went ahead to insult Cassper Nyovest’s parents for allowing him to drop out of school.

The ‘Good For That’ hitmaker, however, epically replied AKA

He wrote:

Kids, don’t do drugs. Stay humble, keep a strong will, a strong mind and stay fly.

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