Cassper Sad As Mzwandile Returns To The Streets

Cassper Nyovest is somewhat pained the guy he had helped out of the streets recently has returned back there.

Mzwandile became a mini star after Cassper Nyovest, who had been impressed by the youth’s faith in the future, had asked his fans to him locate Mzwandile

In a tweet yesterday 8 January, he noted that he is sad Mzwandile, who he and his team had helped out of the street, has decided to go back there. He noted that the youth, who is said to be 21, had been clean of substances in two months and doing well at a rehab.

He added that he wished he could do something else to help after the relapse but he and his team had tried all they could. He thanked Yolanda and others instrumental to helping Mzwandile and those who aided his search when he wanted to locate the youth and help him.

In other news, Cassper Nyovest has made it clear he isn’t backing out of his boxing match with AKA for having insulted his (Cassper’s) mother.

Well, what do you think of Mzwandile’s return to the streets and Cassper Nyovest’s response to the news? You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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