Cata-Lust Releases Music Video For ‘What She Wants” Featuring Quickfass Cass

Cata-Lust drops new music video for "What She Wants" featuring Quickfass Cass

Cata-Lust excites Mzansi with his new music video for “What She Wants” featuring Quickfass Cass.

There’s nothing better than seeing the song you love get the visuals that suit it quite well. Everyone who heard, Cata-Lust’s joint “What She Wants” featuring loved it instantly.

The song is off his project “Before The Press” which also contains dope singles like “Right Now”, “More People”, “BullsHit”, the “Before The Press” single and more. He has now dropped the official music video for the song and Mzansi has been feeling it. 24 hours after the release, the song video began trending on Twitter.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, he shared a screenshot of the trend to his Instagram page and thanked fans for the love. We must say, we too are feeling the new video just as much as everyone else. You really should check it for yourself. This is way too good to pass on.

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