Catch Aisia Casanova And Chymamusique Live On Instagram

Aisia Casanova had stylishly pre-announced her “Meant To Be TourSA in the pipeline post lock-down. Music is border-less, it connects us all! The internet shares the same essence as people across borders are brought together.

As means to kick-start things, on the 6th May, she will be going live on Instagram with one of South Africa’s house mogul and producer, Chymamusique. “I have so much planned for the tour and various South African creatives to meet. I had been exploring, learning and embracing South African sounds. I thought to myself, what can I do to connect with these creatives during this suspense and to sort of break the ice before our official meet? The beautiful thing is that people get to be part of the journey, however it will turn out! Who knows?
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