Checkout Reason and Rouge’s Plans for Valentine’s Day

Rouge reveals what she will be doing on Valentine's Day.

Even though the talented rapper has declared that she is single, Rouge has come out to reveal her plans for Valentine’s Day- the day dedicated for love.

Popular South African rapper, Rouge, took to her Twitter page to reveal how she would be spending her Valentine’s Day. She stated that she would be spending the day dedicated for love playing FIFA.

Rouge posted on her Twitter page:

It’s almost valentines day… Oh well, at least there’s fifa right?

Reason responded to her tweet by challenging her to a battle of the sexes.

He wrote in response to Rouge’s tweet:

Let’s do a battle of the sexes Valentines Day Tournament.

Well, and the deal was done just like that! Rouge replied with ‘DEAL!’ We hope they also do a young rap battle!

Rouge has recently taken to her Twitter page to share the characteristics of men that she will not consider dating.

The Dololo hitmaker had listed the habits that she cannot tolerate from a potential boyfriend. Rouge, who recently call it quits with her long time actor lover, MacMillan, has released a video where she revealed that she can never date a man who drinks, smokes, have no ambition and someone who is a rapper.

The super talented rapper said in a video with the caption ‘Wecantdate’:

If You smoke, if you’re a heavy drinker and if you have no ambition and if you’re a rapper.

Rouge plans for Valentine’s Day proves that the rapper isn’t settling for anything less before diving into a new relationship. She would rather remain single than date someone with any of the qualities enlisted above.

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