ChopLife SoundSystem & Mr Eazi – Chop Life, Vol. 1 (Mzansi Chronicles)

MY NEW ALBUM! Dropping at MIDNIGHT. Laconic was that verbatim phrase from Nigerian singer Mr Eazi. But then he kept to his promise and delivered the project on schedule. It is now up to you all to enjoy “Chop Life, Vol. 1 (Mzansi Chronicles)” for all it is worth.

Now and again, we run across instances when a project lives up to its title – as in, it promises something and delivers just that. Here, if you please, is one instance.

From listening to this project, you actually “chop life” – gain an easy admission into a universe of exuberance from which you might not be inclined to leave in a hurry.

ChopLife SoundSystem working with Mr Eazi on this is nothing short of a benediction. The result is there for all to see.

The album features several South African musicians, which is not even surprising given the title of the project. It appears to have been meant to be a Nigeria-South Africa thing. And yeah, we expect music lovers from both sides of the two countries to jam to the project all week.

If you consider yourself a Mr Eazi fan, you should be rocking this project right now, there is no room for boredom.

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