Chris Rock Declines Invitation To Host The 2023 Academy Awards

2023 isn’t here yet, but plans are already underway for hosting the year’s Academy Award. And according to multiple reports, Chris Rock was invited to host the event, but he declined.

This year’s event turned out to be a theatre of high drama as actor stormed the stage, gave Chris Rock an admonitory whack in the face, and warned him not to repeat anything about his wife. Many people at this event stared on with disbelief.

The drama started after Chris Rock joked about Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved her and compared her to the war flick G.I. Jane, unaware that Jada was suffering from alopecia.

Angered by that statement, stormed the stage and slapped Chris Rock, leaving the audience shocked. Although he apologized later, for his action, Will Smith was banned for ten years by the awarding body and barred from participating in anything related to the award.

Chris Rock had no such restrictions. The organizers were, in fact, keen to have him again next year. But Chris would rather not – for whatever reason.

And now a joke is building around his reluctance, something almost irreverent: what if he should take the offer and Will appeared on stage and smacked him again? Lol.

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