CNN Anchor Don Lemon “Stunned” To Exit The Network

CNN star anchor Don Lemon has just exited the network. But it is not exactly his will. Yes, left to him, he would want to continue his anchoring adventures with the platform. But it appears the network has had enough of him. So it gave him the boot.

So unexpected was his firing from the record label that the anchor himself was shocked about it and had to speak about it on social media as well. he noted that he was “stunned” after his agent told him that the network has decided to part ways with him.

According to reports, his exit from CNN follows accusations of misogyny against him. He had remarked during one of his shows that the Republican Nikki Haley, 51, was not “in her prime.” Those words did not sit well with a lot of viewers, hence the backlash that followed.

For his part, Don Lemon doesn’t see how or where he erred when he spoke those words which are, of course, “facts.” His exit has not gone down well with some of his fans on social media, though. They are lashing at CNN and urging the network to reinstate him.

Don Lemon spent 17 years at CNN until his exit.

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